Monday, May 29, 2017

Educate People About Psychiatric Slavery

We must outlaw psychiatric slavery. Read the book Psychiatric Slavery by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz. Educate people about psychiatric slavery. Psychiatric slavery is when people earn money from psychiatric force, coercion, and confinement.

Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz believed that civil commitment and the insanity defense form the foundation of psychiatric slavery. Therefore, civil commitment, and the insanity defense should be banned and outlawed. Suicide Should be respected as a civil and human right for adults. This does not mean that suicide is good or desirable. This means that psychiatric force, coercion, and confinement should be outlawed, and we should only be using persuasion, reason, and kindness to stop adults from engaging in suicide in private. It should be illegal to attempt suicide in public view.

Thomas Szasz wrote over thirty books related to psychiatry and human rights. Some of these books include Psychiatry: The Science of Lies, Fatal Freedom: The Ethics and Politics of Suicide, Suicide Prohibition: The Shame of Medicine, The Myth of Mental Illness, Insanity: The Idea and Its Consequences, and Our Right to Drugs: The Case for a Free Market. You should read books that Thomas Szasz wrote.

Thousands of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and so forth all earn money from psychiatric coercion, force, and confinement. This is psychiatric slavery, and psychiatric slavery should be outlawed. Educate people about psychiatric slavery, and about why it should be outlawed.